Finest hardwood custom wallbeds & Murphy beds! Call them wallbeds, lift beds, flip-up beds, pull-out beds. Dallas, DFW, San Antonio, Austin, Houston. Wallbed, hidden bed, cabinet bed. Your best Murphy beds!

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Your wallbed and Murphy bed experts! Fire station bed, murphy bed, firefighter bed, hotel & motel bed. For college dorm or apartment: Get a Murphy bed.


We make the finest and most beautiful hardwood wallbeds and Murphy beds! Make any room more efficient with top-quality wallbeds from Texas Wall Beds.

Our wallbeds are custom designed to your specifications. For the quality we deliver, we beat the prices of our competition, even after you add shipping costs!

Call them Wallbeds, Murphy Beds, Disappearing or Hidden Beds, Lift Beds, Cabinet Beds, Pull-out or Fold-up Beds, Fold Away or Flip-up Beds. Texas Wall Beds makes an attractive wall bed or Murphy bed without compromising safety and comfort.

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